There is something about living on a small farm that evokes a certain poetical train of thought while doing the most mundane chores.  The changing of seasons, the cycles of life, the very rising and setting of the sun makes one reflect upon life and gives an appreciation for the blessings that have been given by our Creator God. 

The inspiration for this collection of musings comes from the everyday things that I encounter around the farm.  The simplicity of chores, the toiling of the garden, the beauty of the landscape all inspire these thoughts of mine. 

I grew up a “townie”, according to my husband.  He, a certified country boy that was raised on what his family called a play farm, fell for the local bank teller.  He is all things country.  He loves the outdoors, he works outdoors, he can do anything that a self-respecting farm boy should be able to do.  I, on the other hand, have never been the outdoor, country girl type.  An indoor town girl who liked to read and do crafty things, the idea of farm life was a romantic thought that would never materialize.  Well, God had other plans, and here we are eighteen years later with our own little slice of heaven on earth.  In addition to a daughter, a dog, and four cats, chickens, turkeys, and pigs round out our little menagerie of livestock while the garden, hay fields, peach trees, plum tree, and vineyard complete the picture. 

I invite you to come along with me as I share my musings of farm life.  I hope this book inspires you to step beyond your life as it is and to try something new.  Grow a garden, preserve locally grown produce, keep a few chickens, walk in a hayfield.  You never know where that first step will take you.  Enjoy the journey.